About Us:

Autoserra is a complete automotive servicing and restoration shop located in Valhalla, N.Y. We specialize in day to day maintaince of all cars and restoration and enhancement of vintage imports.

Why cars need preventative maintenance.

Manufacturers know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer and increases your satisfaction with their product. Car makers and owners also have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service and are functioning properly.

Regular Maintenance helps accomplish these goals by keeping your engine running efficiently and eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded.

What’s in it for you?
More dependable car that retains the “new car feel” less chance of a costly breakdown, a safer car for you and your family, doing your part for cleaner air, a car worth more at trade in or sale, an intact warranty. Manufacturers creates detailed maintanance schedules outlining specific operations to be performed on various components and systems. This is done at different mileage intervals to ensure proper operation and prevent primature wear.

ALLDATA Automotive Information Center
AutoSerra facility is equipped with Aldata information system that provides detailed DATA. The system lists specific repairs and Diagnostic information, factory issued technical service bulletins. The bottom line is efficient, dependable and cost-effective service for you.

What should a complete tune-up include

Electronic ignition, computerized engine controls, and electronic fuel
injection have eliminated many adjustments that were once part of a
“traditional” tune-up. Most would agree that a tune-up today is a
preventive maintenance service and engine performance check.
A complete tune-up should combine elements of preventive maintenance,
adjustments and performance analysis. One of the main reasons people
bring a vehicle in for a tune-up is because they are experiencing some
kind of drive ability problem. Things like hard starting,
stalling,hesitation, misfiring, poor fuel economy, or lack of power are
seldom cured by a new set of spark plugs and few turns of a
Every tune-up should include a comprehensive performance check to
verify that no drive ability problems or trouble codes exist. Another
item that should be incluted is an emissions check. Taking in to
account longer service intervals and reduced maintenance requirements
of today’s vehicles, a tune-up frequency is probably only necessary
every 30K, or once every two to three years. this is altered when a
drive ability or emissions problem arises that requires diagnosis and